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Welcome to Chris Daily!
This is where you will come for your daily fix of Chris Kirkpatrick!

Inspired by other _daily communities, we will be celebrating all that is Chris in pic form only. Sign up and join in on the fun!

So, with that said, let's move on with just a couple of guidelines....

1 ~ Pictures only. We all know how great Chris is, and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. You will not find posts regarding Chris' personal life, appearances, recordings, etc. Comments are allowed, but a pic must be included in the post. Icons & wallpapers are most welcomed. :)

2 ~ No direct-linking/hot-linking. Each picture posted should have been either uploaded to your own server first or you have already received permission from a webmaster/mistress to use pix from their site. And for the record....no you do not have permission to link pictures from chris_daily.

3 ~ cut tag usage. Please use the lj-cut tag wisely. If you are going to post a pic that is over 500 pixels, use the tag. This goes for multi-pic posts too.

We welcome your participation......Enjoy!

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